[EXCLUSIVE] Melvin Ejim: “Venezia a great opportunity, but after Scudetto I chose another experience”

[EXCLUSIVE] Melvin Ejim: “Venezia a great opportunity, but after Scudetto I chose another experience”

Last year in Venezia was great for Melvin Ejim: Scudetto and Final MVP Award. Now, the Canadian player is ready to start his new experience in Kazan.

di Massimo Mattacheo, @MaxMattacheo

One of the best player of last season of Reyer Venezia is Melvin Ejim, who helped the team to win Scudetto and received the Finals MVP Award. During the summer, the Canadian player decided to leave Venezia and Italy and he choose to play in Kazan, Russia, in a team that will play in EuroCup. We speak with Melvin about his past and present with some considerations about Steve Nash.

Hi Melvin, when you started playing basketball? Have you tried other sports?

ʺWell, I remember I started playing basketball when I was 14-15. When I was younger I tried a lot of different sports, I played soccer and volleyball for a good time of my lifeʺ.

When you understood you could have become a professional basketball player?

ʺAt University I started playing really well, especially during my junior and senior years. I grew up as a player and then I understand I could become a good playerʺ.

What kind of relation you have with Steve Nash?

ʺWell, he is a great guy and a very good player. He did a lot for National team, he is not only a GM but he supports us, he is a really good teacher for players. I think he is a good manʺ.

Last year was amazing for you and Venezia, you won Scudetto and played in Champions League Final Four. Why have you decided to leave the team?

ʺWhen I arrived in Venezia I told myself I wonder to come back, but after winning the championship last year I think it was time to try a new experience. For me Venezia has been a great opportunity to be better as a man and player but now I’m happy about my new experienceʺ.

Which are your first feelings in Kazan?

ʺI’m good, the city is nice, I feel excited to play at a higher level in EuroCup. During the first matches of scrimmage we played, we faced some really good teams like Olympiacos and I think that this season can become greatʺ.

Which are the best memories of your Italian experiences?

“On the court Venezia has been a great experience because we won the championship, it is a really nice city. Rome is unbelievable, with places like Colosseo, food, everything is beautiful”.

What kind of realtion you had with fans in Italy?

“They are very positive, Italy has been absolutely a great experience. People welcome you very well, they support you every time and you feel really important for the team, for the city and for the fans”.

Last thing: are you present on social networks? Do you think they change communication in general?

“Yes, I’m on social networks, I use Twitter and Instagram. I’m trying to use social in a correct way, my intention is to help people to understand me, to know me better, but at the same time I think that they can be used in an uncorrect way. Generally, I use social networks but I’m not obsessed”.




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