EuroLeague: "Falsi positivi per l'Olimpia Milano nella scorsa settimana"


Numerosi casi di falsi positivi al Covid-19 per l’Olimpia Milano.
EuroLeague ha rilasciato un comunicato in cui ha affermato che l’Olimpia Milano si è trovata di fronte a casi di falsa positività al Covid-19. L’Olimpia Milano è stata costretta a saltare le due partite settimanali di EuroLeague (con Zenit e Khimki), ma le ulteriori analisi dei giorni successivi hanno evidenziato che si trattavano di casi di falsa positività, con i giocatori disponibili a riprendere l’attività sportiva.
Qui il comunicato di EuroLeague:
“After the announcement on Monday, November 9, that several AX Armani Exchange Milan team members had tested positive for COVID-19, the Milan public health authorities forced the team to suspend its activity and to remain in self-isolation. Due to the large number of positives combined with a lack of symptoms, the Milan Team Doctor and the Euroleague Basketball Medical Officer considered them as doubtful positive PCR test results. As per the Euroleague Basketball Health & Safety Protocols, which state that “In case a club receives a false or doubtful positive PCR test result, the individual will be retested twice on two consecutive days. If the second and third PCR test both are negative, the individual will be considered negative,” the entire team was retested immediately, with only a limited number of positive results. The third PCR test, administered both for the original PCR positive individuals and the rest of the team members, was not made until Friday, November 13, due to the Milan public health authorities’ requirements. After this last test, Milan public health authorities cleared the team to restart its activity, with all individuals considered negative, as of today, and available for upcoming Turkish Airlines EuroLeague games.”


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