[EXCLUSIVE] EuroLeague Final Four – Chima Moneke: “I love to be in the Final Four and the European fans. I want to stay in Monaco for life”

Chima Moneke
Brian Bosché - EuroLeague Twitter

Chima Moneke, big man of AS Monaco, spoke exclusively to our microphones directly from the Zalgirio Arena in Kaunas.

First, how are you? What are your sensations in the first EuroLeague Final Four of your career?

“Very happy! Unlike what many think, we are not here to participate but we are here to win.”

As you just said, many experts didn’t put you among the favorites at the beginning of the season or even in the playoffs against Maccabi. How did you experience this “label” of constant underdogs?

“Nobody was giving us a favorite against Maccabi and nobody is giving us a favorite tomorrow against Olympiacos. How do we react to this? We love this thing and tomorrow we will prove them all wrong.”

What is your opinion about Coach Obradovic and your teammates?

“I am very happy to be here and I love playing for Coach Obradovic and my teammates. Then you know, winning makes everything better…”

You started your season with the Sacramento Kings, trying to make it to the NBA. Then Monaco and the EuroLeague. Do you think you have made the right choices for your career or do you regret something?

“I am very happy with what I did. I’m very happy to play for Monaco, I want to end my career here. I was happy with the Kings experience in the NBA, unfortunately it didn’t go well and I was released, but it happens to many players.“

You have lived the NBA world and now the EuroLeague one. Which do you prefer?

“I am very happy to be here, it is a special environment. European basketball is super like its fans who always create an incredible atmosphere. The Final Four are beautiful, but our work is not finished.”

Your opponents will be Olympiacos Piraeus. Your opinion on them and if you were impressed by any particular player.

“I have great respect for them and everyone surprised me in a positive way. The beauty of the EuroLeague is this and I am happy to be part of it. Tomorrow will be a great semi-final, I can’t wait to get on the pitch!”