[EXCLUSIVE] Vincent Poirier: “We are Real Madrid, everybody is coming for us now. Wembanyama? Very young and talented”

Vincent Poirier
Foto di Gioele Mason

Exclusive interview with Vincent Poirier, one of the best players for Real Madrid in this dominating season between ACB and EuroLeague.

Hi Vincent Poirier, thank you for your time. How are you?

“Everything great. I’m trying to stay in shape for the second part of the season.”

How do you see Real Madrid at the moment, in what state of form and if you’re ready for the last part of the season between EuroLeague and ACB.

“We’re in good a form, everybody is coming for us now and we know that. We won many matches, we had an exceptional moment, we are aware that there can also be negative moments but it is better to lost a few matches now than later. We’re very confident, everybody keep working. We have nothing to be scared.

Some have criticized the fact that perhaps Real Madrid pushed themselves too hard in the first part of the season to arrive a little tired now, what do you think?

“No no, I don’t think so. As I said, we had a great moment in the first part of the season but now we are focused, we are not tired and we are very ready for the final part of this season. We must win as many matches as possible, especially those in front of our fans who we know give us an extra push and limit the negative moments as much as possible.”

Last season the EuroLeague trophy arrived maybe a little surprisingly, with Real Madrid strangely arrived as non-favourites. This season, Real Madrid have dominated the Regular Season so far and is arriving at the decisive part of the season as big favourite. Is there perhaps greater pressure or you live with the same serenity in the locker room?

“No, no pressure! Every season we start with the same goal, win. First we have to reach the Final Four, winning all our home games. Pressure or not, I think we prove we are in the right way”

How do you evaluate this Virtus Bologna season, where your national teammate Isaia Cordinier is also playing?

“They’re doing a great season as the underdog of EuroLeague, nobody picked them at the beginning. Isaia is a great part of the team and he’s doing well. I’m happy for him! I wish them the best for the second part of the season, but not against us!

Lots of talent for France, with Paris 2024 next, particularly in the Center role. You, Mostaupha Fall, Mathias Lessort, Rudy Gobert. Do you see all this competition as a stimulus?

“Right now I’m fully concentrated to Real Madrid and to finish good this season. Of course we have a lot of talent, it’s a coach decision, not mine.”

Victor Wembanyama, the new phenomenon of world basketball. Will he be the dominator of the next few years in the NBA, the new LeBron James?

“He is young, very talented and is in a perfect system like the San Antonio Spurs. He has already shown great things in his rookie season. He must continue to work, even in the national team we will be happy to help develop his talent as much as possible.”

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