Aaron Henry heading to the NBA Draft: “Thank you Michigan State Spartans, I’m ready to play in the NBA!”

Aaron Henry NBA Draft

Aaron Henry has just spoken exclusively to us, ahead of tonight’s NBA Draft. Aaron Henry had a great season with Michigan State, finishing to the top of all individual stats and also being honored as the NCAA’s Best Defensive Five. Aaron Henry is predicted towards the end of the first round of the NBA Draft and we thank him that he had time to talk with us.

First, how are you? You had some physical problems recently. Did they cause you any problems in the last workouts?

“Yes yes now I’m fine. I had some rest for the Draft Combine and ahead of the workouts I did before the NBA Draft. It was hard, 12 workouts in 19 days. I’m 100% and I feel very good today. “

The lasts Mock Draft, put you at the end of the first round, where there are so many “top teams”. Would you like it as a hypothetical scenario? Or would you prefer a team in “rebuldying” mode with more minutes available and with more “patience” in being able to wait for you?

“I am ready for any situation, whether it is in a Playoffs team or in a team ready to return to the top. So much will depend on me and how I can improve as a player, day after day and be ready. I hope I can make a good impression, whichever team wants to believe in me and choose me, hoping it will be an excellent organization.”

So many talents have played in Michigan State University. From Mateen Cleaves to Scott Skiles, passing through the most recent Draymond Green and without failing to name of one of the best of all time, Magic Johnson. Did you take inspiration from them?

“I tried to ‘steal’ something from any NBA player. I exchanged a few words with some of them and they all told me to enjoy Draft day, without worrying about the future. It will be a very exciting day, they advised me to stay calm and appreciate every single minute of all this.”

How important was Coach Tom Izzo to you?

“He knows my way of playing basketball very well and has always tried to put me in the best possible conditions to express it. He has always motivated me a lot, both professionally and as a person off the pitch, helping me in my personal growth and pushing me to always work hard. He helped me settle into college and I owe a lot to him.”

Leader in all individual stats at Michigan State University and among the NCAA’s best defenders. Where can Aaron Henry go?

“I want to be ready, whichever NBA team chooses me. I know how to defend very well, in all positions and adapt to the striker in front of me, whatever his role from point guard to center. I like to play in the open field, I have faith in my passage. I have to play the way I know and the pitch will show who I am.”

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